Americans Don't Know These IMDb Best Horror Movies  As Per IMDb List

Dracula 1931


Staring Bela Lugosi, Dracula Was A Critical Hit For Its Creepy Atmosphere & Performances. The Film's Success Inspired Universal Pictures To Go All-In On Horror, Leading To Iconic Movie Monsters Like Frankenstein's Monster.

Psycho 1960


Hitchcock Had Already Made His Name As A Director Of Thriller, But While His Previous Films Left Audiences On The Edge Of Their Seats, Norman Bates' Actions Challenged Viewers With Overt

The Haunting 1963


Long Before The Amityville Horror, There Was The Haunting (1963 ). This Movie About A Ragtag Group Of Paranormal Investigators Counts Martin Scorsese & Stephen Spielberg Among Its Fans.

Carrie 1976


Brian Depalma Brought This King Variation About Struggles Of Telekinetic Teen Carrie To The Big Screen. Like Many Teen Horror Flicks, Carrie Helped Launch The Careers Of Its Stars, Including Sissy Spacek & John Travolta

Halloween 1978


When The Writers Set Out To Make The Baby Sitter Murders, They Never Thought Of Their Film Would Spawn A Horror Franchise. One Of The Most Successful Indie Films Of All Time, It Set Jamie Lee Curtis On A Path To Stardom

Creepshow 1982


No Genre Loves Anthology Films Like Horror.Directed By George Romero & Written By King, This Was The Duo's Love Letter To Midcentury EC Comics.5 Short Films Feature Special Effects By That Lean Into Comic Book Aesthetic

Scream 1996


Wes Craven Saved The Slasher In The '90s. Scream Sounded As A Meta Commentary On An Overused Film Style. With Its Basic Rules To Survive, Sardonic Kills, & Stylish Cast, Scream Reinvented A Genre On The Brink Of Death.

REC 2007


Rec Evolved The New-Ish Found Footage Genre With Clever Camerawork & Cinema Verité Performances. It Follows A Team Of Firefighters On A Rescue Mission.What Starts As A Routine Call Soon Becomes A Shaky Cam Descent Into Madness

Train To Busan 2016


Director Yeon Sang-Ho Refreshed The Popular Zombie Flick With This Action/Horror. The Film, Which Focuses On A Workaholic's Harrowing Journey To Visit His Daughter, Was The Highest Earning South Korean Film That Year

Get Out 2017


Jordan Peele Brought New Life To The Horror Field With His Directorial Debut.The Movie's Clever Social Commentary, Expert Direction, And Chilling Premise Built It An Instant Hit And Garnered 4 Oscar Nominations And 1 Win